What is Lightruss?

Lightruss combines a modular truss support system and performance lighting modules to deliver illumination for even the most unusual and demanding applications. Transition modules allow the truss system to flow around corners and change elevations. Three unique Lightruss designs provide indirect and direct lighting solutions.


Why use Lightruss?

Lightruss saves you time and money. When installing Lightruss, compared to individually hung fixtures, you will save an estimated 25 to 30 percent in installation time and money.

Built to be field-ready.

  • Built with integrally mounted Power Trays™
  • Pre-wired
  • Pre-assembled
  • Pre-aimed
  • Hi-pot and continuity testing complete
  • Individually packaged for shipment and ease of handling. Each package and component is keyed to the installation drawing so they are easily located/identified at the job site.

Save installation time.

  • Installers level, plug and move onto the next section.
  • Fewer power drops (typically 2 to 4 per system)

Installation Quick Facts

  • Starter section - 30 minutes
  • Common section - 20 minutes

Typical Competition Pool - 75' x 45'

40 Lightruss Sections (Approximately)

+ 2 Installers

+ 1 Lift

20 Hours (Approximately)

Where can I use Lightruss?

Anywhere. With various sizes and a large range of lampings, Lightruss can be used in any space, large or small. Lightruss can turn corners, change elevation while providing high quality indirect or direct lighting solutions.

Create your vision.

Lightruss systems can twist and turn to create functional works of art. Add splashes of color with our durable, eco-friendly powder coat paints. Flexible and versatile, Lightruss can be used to create a bold statement or quietly blend in.

Go big.

Lightruss has the optical systems, lamping options and spacing criteria to light even the largest spaces. Whether you need IES recommended light levels for a recreational water park atmosphere or for digital TV sports coverage, Lightruss can deliver.

Go small.

Lightruss supports multi-purpose environments through integrated track lighting, sound and visual systems integration. The multiplying effects of combining indirect and direct lighting systems allows for a flexible and adaptable lighting system perfect for retail and office applications.

Go Fluorescent.

The system can easily provide direct or indirect lighting, allowing you to control the six lamps in each 4' module to have none on, two on, four on or all on. Three light levels without the use of costly dimming.

Is Lightruss hard to specify?

No. Our dedicated and experienced Lightruss team provides complete service from initial inquiry through final installation. Our team has nearly 30 years of applications experience and over 900 installations across North America.